Hey, munchkins. So,…

Hey, munchkins. So, catch-up...well, I read Bujold's Diplomatic Immunity at Borders yesterday; fun Miles-ish mystery romp, although not quite as satisfying as some of the more recent books. Not enough angst, I suspect. But good story nonetheless. I'm looking forward to reading Curse of Chalion sometime in the next week; I'm curious to see what she does with a fantasy setting.

Did a little shopping, for no good reason. A few books, a few CD's, some clothes on clearance at Marshall Fields (which were still at the high end of my budget). Heh. If I plan to keep shopping this summer, I really ought to get some kind of job for a while. Still, it was fun. The nice thing about buying high-end clothing (well, maybe it's medium-end, but it's high-end to me) is that all the pieces drape really beautifully. I'm especially pleased with a raspberry long skirt, a blend of silk and linen. It has the weight of thin linen, but drapes like silk. Lovely. I'm not much of a brand-name shopper usually, but I have to admit that Eileen Fisher does great things with fabrics.

Came home to find that Kevin had gotten sicker again. Poor puppy. I've got a bit of a sore throat and a cough myself now; wish I knew something that would actually cure these things. He slept most of yesterday; we watched tv in the evening.

This morning, read another Jones -- Time of the Ghost. Somehow didn't really appeal to me, despite being very clever in construction. Oh well. Sometimes it just doesn't click, y'know? Hopefully my novel will click better than that...

Now I ought to start actually dealing with some work, for the next hour or two. Then my stuff arrives! Woohoo! We hired one guy to haul stuff; if Kev's still feeling awful, it'll probably be me hauling stuff with the guy. The exercise will be good for me, right? At least it's mostly horizontal moving; there's a small ramp at the beginning, then an elevator up, and a walk along the hallway. Not too bad. The bookshelves are fairly light; I only anticipate the aquarium being actually painful to move. We'll see how it goes.

Hmm...I just realized I should eat something first. Nothing to eat here that doesn't require cooking. Maybe I'll run out and get groceries and a muffin or some such. Kevin's going through fruit at an astonishing rate; he always does this when he's sick, but I had forgotten.

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