So, we left off our…

So, we left off our story Sunday night, yes? Returning from Zion, crashing hard. Monday morning I had various and sundry academic things to do, which took up most of the day; in the afternoon I ran some errands (in the rental car, which we decided to keep an extra day, so I could practice driving some more), and then we went over to Bangkok Thai for dinner with Paul and Marcia, to celebrate Paul's finishing his exams. Yay, Paul! He's where I hope to be in a year. Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, a few more errands in the morning, then returned the car and came home to do more academic stuff. Class on campus, came home to watch tv (good Buffy -- lots happening!) while Jed kept working. Poor munchkin is working a lot. Packed a few boxes here and there. My dishes are mostly packed -- we're eating on paper plates and drinking out of plastic cups. I think I'm about ready to pack the last couple boxes of books; I'll probably do that this morning. There's still a fair bit of just stuff all over the place, but I hope to make good progress on that this morning.

Starting at 2ish, I'll be busy with things on campus until 9 or so. Jed will have to occupy himself; good thing I have a cable modem.

Hmm...not much else to say. It's all packing these days, which just isn't all that interesting, even to me, much less to you...

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