Well, the most…

Well, the most noticeable thing about this morning is how good I feel.

It'd be nice to put it down to Jedediah being here, which is undoubtedly also good, but it's pretty clear why I actually feel so good -- because I exercised dutifully for the last three days, and by yesterday, it was starting to actually feel easier, and this morning, I woke up with energy and rather wanting to exercise, and if I run my hands down my side, for example, I can actually feel where things are a little more toned and muscled. Just three days -- pretty cool. I'm really an instant gratification girl; one of my main problems with exercise is that it doesn't generally produce results as fast as I want it to.

I've just been doing my little ballet videotape; it'll be interesting to see whether I keep it up while Jed's here. I don't want to play it while he's sleeping, since it'll probably wake him up and he doesn't get enough sleep as it is. On the other hand, I find it kind of embarrassing doing these ballet exercises, that are undoubtedly supposed to look lovely and graceful, like the dancers on the video, while I'm more likely to have a look of fierce concentration on my face and be breathing in little grunts, especially during the abdominal section, in front of people. (Ooh, bad sentence construction. But I'm going to leave it -- y'all will forgive me.) Maybe I'll send Jed to go work at Cucina for an hour each day. We'll see.

Of course, we'll be getting plenty of exercise this weekend, hiking around. So that's something, at any rate.

I have a massive pile of things on my to-do list, but only one of them is urgent, and I don't feel like doing it yet. Instead, I think I'm going to make tea and read one of the many lovely things that Jed has brought me to read. I need to start cooking by 9-ish (because I ended up going out for drinks with Crystal (junior faculty at Utah, very nice) after the conference, and didn't get in until about fifteen minutes before Jed arrived), but I want to wait until at least then because it's likely to wake him up, even if I'm trying to be quiet. I think. I'm honestly not quite sure just how lightly he sleeps. Speaking as one of those people who sleeps like a log in pretty much any circumstance, I just don't really understand people who regularly have trouble sleeping, and who sleep lightly. I don't know how they function, honestly. Poor munchkins.

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