Yesterday was just a…

Yesterday was just a chatting day. All that talking to Kev, followed by a couple of hours with Roshani and Karina, plus a bit with Jed. I would be lost without the telephone.

I did get a few things done -- read through my stack of New Yorkers, so I can give them away instead of packing them. Got the Ford interview questions out. Did some proofreading edits on the SH POD -- it's almost ready, really it is. A few weeks at most before I send it to Wildside. I hate typos -- I want this book to be error-free. Packed a few boxes.

Today, I really just have one task -- I have a paper due at five, and it needs to be about twice as long as it is. What I'm hoping to do is take my laptop into campus, work in the rare books room on my paper (you can take laptops in, but not your own notebooks), and ideally hook it up in the library and print from there. But I'm not entirely sure that'll work, which means I really ought to allow enough time for me to come home, print it out, and take it back again. Which means I should be finished by three instead of five. Which means I really ought to get in there by ten or so.

Really, I just want to sit around in my pyjamas all day.

This evening, there's a conference meeting at my house. I warned them that I have no chairs left, so they'd have to sit on the floor. (Actually, there's a few chairs left. But not many.) We're going to order pizza and talk about conference stuff. Should be good. But it means that I need to do dishes before six -- and given how many dishes there are, I probably need to do two loads, which means doing one now and one later.

Sorry about how logistical the journal is getting these days. It's the packing that's doing it -- the packing and planning to leave. I really want to finish everything in good time, and not be harried. And that just means that most of my brain ends up busy with that, rather than other, more contemplative, things.

But here's my bit of contemplation for today -- the sun is pouring in, covering my remaining plants in a haze of shining light, and Milton is calling me. It's not so bad, reading fairy tales about petty gods and noble devils and silly men in the early morning...

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