Moving to Chicago Mood: …

Moving to Chicago Mood: Slightly mopey

...not for any good reason. Just still coping with the fact that it's really happening, and that I'm not certain it'll all work out. Some days I feel more optimistic than others.

Somewhat harried morning; finishing off taxes and preparing for a meeting with Dean Newman re: the conference. I'm looking all sharp and professional; tailored grey button-down shirt and short grey skirt, black tights and shoes, hair pulled back tightly, silver earrings. As sharp and professional as academics get, at any rate. These meeting make me a little nervous, since we're basically asking these people to trust us with thousands of dollars. It's a little easier to ask if I feel well-dressed. They probably don't care. :-)

I'm waiting for a few things to print, and then I head to campus. Various errands today; deposit check, pay rent, pick up medicine. In the afternoon, work on the POD, dammit. Then in the evening, I may actually go to a beginning modern dance class, if I don't get too lazy. Feel free to chide me tomorrow if I say I wimped out...

Okay, gotta run. Later, munchkins.

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