Okie, I give in. Due to…

Okie, I give in. Due to the untiring efforts of David, Sharmi, and Karina (and maybe a few others), here are some photos of me with shorter hair (still not so short. :-)

Sorry for the glare -- I took this in a hurry and forgot to turn off the flash. I meant to take a better one, but I cut my hair even shorter a few days later. This is the length Marcia cut it -- still long enough to be romantic and old-fashioned, but no longer waist-length (or longer), which was kind of tiring to brush and wash. If I decide I want long hair again, I'll probably aim for something around this length; I liked it. Still, I thought I might also like something shorter, so I tried this...

Sorry for the goofy expressions -- this is what you get when you take pictures of yourself in the bathroom mirror. :-) The first photo is what my hair looks like if I wash it in the morning and apply styling goop to keep it from frizzing -- pretty wet-looking and quite curly. It's odd having curly hair! The weight used to pull it down so it was just very gentle waves; I suspect if I cut it really short, it'd get even curlier. The second photo is probably more typical of how I look most of the time these days -- hair washed and brushed, but not styled -- just with some of it pulled back in a clip to keep it out of my face. I'm pretty happy with it, I think. Still getting used to it. It's also fairly often all up in a ponytail when I'm just at home working.

I have a deep temptation to cut it even shorter. If you'll remember the photos of my little sister, she looks fabulous with very short hair -- like a model. Both my sisters do, actually. But I kind of think you need a more slender, angular face to pull off really short hair. Maybe I'll do it after I lose a little more weight. Of course, if I do that, then I have to at least try shaving it all off, right? I'm really kind of curious what I'd look like bald.

Probably not so good... :-)

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