Moving to Chicago Mood: …

Moving to Chicago Mood: Mildly optimistic

Of course, that's probably not so surprising, given that it's morning and I've had my first cup of tea and am working on the second. I've also done a solid hour of work updating that literary market list, with a lot of help from various people who have been writing in comments. Keep sending them in, folks! They're great! If other people do the research, it's much easier for me to put in the updates...

Been chatting with Roshani, off and on this morning. It was so nice hanging out with her Friday, working together for a while, then hanging with the baby, having pizza for lunch and stopping by the Gap to shop a little. Both of us were realizing this morning that somehow in the process of getting our careers on track (she's in med school), we've somehow lost our friends. Or, more accurately, that we both have close friends, but they're mostly not where we are. I'm very fond of Paul and Marcia, and in some ways they're very close. But they're still people who I need to call up and schedule things with; maybe that's just the nature of friendships at this stage? I don't know. I miss having friends whom I could just expect to see every few days or so, who would drop by. This may be a little tricky to negotiate in Chicago, since Kevin would prefer that my friends weren't just dropping by without warning. He needs his space to be his, y'know. Or at most ours. Not ours + various and sundry others. But maybe I can drop in on them. Or Roshani can stop by, pick me up, and we can go rambling around the city together. Something like that. She's known me forever, you know -- since we were little kids. I saw her trauma with her previous boyfriend, before she found The Fabulous Thomas. She's been around for the whole Kevin thing -- and for Paul before him, and for Dean before that. Not to mention all the intermediate people. We've been total messes in front of each other, and I don't feel like I have to clean my house for her. In any sense. It's really nice.

I should get back to work -- still a fair bit of neglected e-mail to churn through, and then I'm going to put on my headphones and try to finish off the last few scenes of "Kathryn". I also need to bake a batch of cookies for a meeting, and wash my hair early enough that it has time to dry. If I manage those by 3:15 (when I head off to campus for a meeting), I'll be pretty content with my accomplishments for the day. I'm not pushing myself too hard right now, because a) it's been an emotional, stressful couple of weeks and b) I'm still kind of sick, in that vaguely sore throat, over-tired sort of way. Not enough to actually stop me from doing anything, but enough that I should probably take slightly better care of myself.

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