Yes, now there’s yet…

Yes, now there's yet another place where you can talk to me. I've finally gotten around to logging into the Speculations Rumor Mill, which means they've created a forum for me there. Stop by - say hi! The more you talk there, the more the topic stays at the forefront of people's attention. :-) Though remember, the Rumor Mill is mostly meant as a place for sf writers to hang out.

I also created a SH topic while I was at it; feel free to chat in there. Great place to talk about what you do or don't like in a current issue.

Also got some exciting news -- Chuck Rothman, SFWA treasurer, informs me that SH is now officially a SFWA pro market, effectively immediately (and retroactively to our first issue). So all of you writers who were waiting for this status before now have no excuse! :-)

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