I would tell you to go…

I would tell you to go read Francois Camoin's story, "Untitled" in the winter 2002 issue of Crazyhorse, but the odds are slim, no? Here's a quote from it, though:

"Anyway this instant, the last breath, the last word, isn't any more important than any other instant in our life. I need to remember that, or I'll be tempted (I am tempted) to see it as some sort of defining moment, to live my life for it, to calculate my existence in such a way that at the last I can look around and say OK, I did pretty well. Teaching to the test, they call that in the education business. The church calls it looking at life sub specie aeternitatis. I call it bad faith."

I do that. Interesting to think about... Francois is my teacher this semester, for novel workshop. Fun reading his stuff.

Since you aren't likely to read his story, I'll point you to this week's SH instead. A cool article on C.J. Cherryh (who really is one of our best sf writers, I think), a really charming little story by Daniel Bishop, "Two Quarter King", a fairy tale poem by Sandra Kasturi, and a review of a novel by Howard Hendrix. Good stuff, of course. :-)

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