Yeesh, I think…

Yeesh, I think yesterday's a record -- six entries in one day. I'll try to restrain myself a bit today. I did manage to get a few of you to write to me, which is something. I feel a bit hypocritical asking you to write, given that I often write back fairly briefly, but I'm asking anyway. What the heck. :-)

I did end up vacuuming the living room at some point in my procrastination yesterday (between stories 2 & 3, I think). Two rooms clean, four to go. I've been working on the sunroom this morning; watering plants, trimming away dead matter, wiping down the shelf that they rest on (which inevitably gets covered in bits of water and soil and dust and just odd crud). It's nice working in the sunroom in the morning, when it's sunny among the plants. The streets are covered with snow and I really don't want to go outside (have to later, sadly), but it's warm and cozy in here, and the sun is falling invitingly across the soft Celtic throw on my papasan chair. Going to sweep, and then I'll be relatively done here...though the office side of the room could really use some more organization. The art supplies are a little tricky to store; some things can be put away in ArtBin-type containers, but I have all these dried flowers. They're fragile, and I really can't think of anything to do with them except put them in a big vase and try not to jostle it.

Okie, you probably don't want to hear about the details of my organizational and cleaning dilemmas. :-)

Mack asked me in e-mail, to talk about what I liked about Laurell K. Hamilton's novels. I'm not sure I have anything very profound to say -- vampires are sexy, werewolves are sexy, kick-ass yet highly attractive women are sexy (Buffy, Xena, etc.). When you make the woman very small, I'm going to immediately identify and bond with her. (Did y'all know that I'm 5'0"? Well, now you know.) And when you make her a devout Christian at the start of the series, *and* practically a virgin, with all sorts of sexual hang-ups, that's going to create a lot of dramatic tension. And when you keep throwing her into non-monogamous situations, of various flavors -- well, that's pretty much precisely my cup of tea. Great books. Go read them. And be sure to start at the beginning, which I think is Guilty Pleasures.

I started the Tananarive Due last night, My Soul to Keep. So far, it doesn't seem as interesting as The Between, possibly because there's less mystery to it. It also feels less literary, more like popular horror. But there's still some good stuff, and I think I'll enjoy finishing it.

There's some chance that a friend may unexpectedly come to visit me this weekend. He e-mailed last night about the possibility. Which may play merry hell with my proposed work schedule. But really, what's more important -- a friend you haven't seen in years, or a pile of silly work? But maybe I'd best try to be productive today, just in case. If I can get *ahead* of schedule, that'd be a fine thing.

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