The procedure was fine,…

The procedure was fine, but the prognosis is uncertain.

Our heroine (I'm your heroine, aren't I? :-) was last seen waiting patiently for Kevin to wake up. Around 3, she got cold (because she cleverly had forgotten that to turn up the heat in his apartment it was necessary to turn a little switch as well as raising the dial on the thermostat) and tried to sneak into the bedroom closet quietly to borrow a sweater. Our heroine is not very good at sneaking. Kev woke up, and she ended up climbing into bed with him (much warmer) and having the impending conversation o' doom. No longer impending. Not so doomful either, as it turned out.

I'm not sure exactly what to say about that conversation. I guess the key points were that a) a couple of issues that I had thought relatively immovable have somehow dissolved into mist and sunlight, which is a cause of a remarkable amount of happiness, even though b) there remains one issue which has so far continued to prove immovable. Well, it moved, but it's still blocking the road. It's a double-wide issue with a big fat ass, and we're going to need a crane, at least, to get it out of there.

So we're still broken up. Which is a bit...bewildering, I suppose, considering how we feel about each other. But we can't think of a way around this. Pretty much the only solution is for one of us to change our mind on this particular fat issue...and the thing is, one of us might. We really might. But we can't predict it and we can't force it and we really ought not to hang around waiting for that change to happen. I know that. He knows that. It's a little hard to feel that at the moment.

I'm going to get on a plane and go back to Salt Lake and try to get a little of the work done that I slacked on all weekend (I think I really needed a vacation -- three days of tv-watching and eating good food has made my body and temperament a lot more stable, aside from everything else). Then I'll get on another plane and go to New Orleans on Wednesday. Then I'll do conference stuff all weekend, and mostly try not to think about this relationship thing. I'll let you know if anything changes.

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