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Quick note -- interesting discussion among a bunch of writers of race in sf/f. Have been meaning to post there for a while, but just got to it. Imagine will be posting a fair bit more as the discussion progresses.

Have started work on Tiptree committee! Woohoo! I'll be covering SciFiction for them, which means that I will be reading the whole magazine from now on. It'll be good for me, and for SH.

Highlights of the trip so far: Saw A Long Day's Journey Into Night with Kevin at the Goodman. Can't remember the last time I saw a play. Ate lots of yummy Greek food. Finished reading Connie Willis's Passage -- pretty good, but had trouble with medical errata in story; plausibility issues. Nice day yesterday with Roshani and Tom and Zoe -- who has grown so much it's just astonishing. She runs very well now! Yummy mushroom quiche and tomato salad. Came home, walked through snowstorm to Thai food. Watched lots of tv -- Kev has Tivo, which means he gets way too many shows. Borrowed Nancy Atherton's mystery-ghost story-romance-coming of age charming novel, Aunt Dimity's Death. Liked it immensely -- must recommend to all 20 and 30-something women I know. Watched classic movie Gilda last night; got very annoyed with male protagonist, who was way completely out of line. Made it impossible to have any sympathy with big sexist abusive jerk. Couldn't buy romantic happy ending pasted onto abuse story. Actively offensive.

Much pleasant time with Kev. Have managed to not discuss old relationship pretty much at all. Will see if that continues.

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