Finished the Englander;…

Finished the Englander; very satisfying. I think my favorites are the title story and "The Wig". Highly recommended. Hope he's written more, or will soon.

Have started discussion with rest of Tiptree committee. Right now we're just introducing ourselves, talking a little about our interests. Already someone's made a book recommendation; I see much reading in my future.

I've started thinking about whether I should revise my booklist and my stated academic interests to be less focused on post-colonial issues, and somehow include sf/f. I'm so immersed in that world, and surely it should be possible to somehow work in some sort of intersection between the two areas? There's plenty of magical realist stuff in Indian writing, for example -- Rushdie, Divakaruni. And I'm not sure what the point of doing a Ph.D. is if you don't love the stuff -- and while I'm very *interested* in the post-colonial stuff, I *love* the fantastic, fabulist stuff. I think I'd better go schedule an appointment with the chair of my committee when I get back. I don't want to specialize myself into a narrow corner where no one will want to hire me. But I should also be playing to my strengths, right? What with the Tananarive Due stuff and the Kay stuff and the Tiptree stuff and the SH stuff...I just feel a lot more competent in SF than in post-colonial lit.

Something to think about, anyway.

Mostly this morning I'm lounging around. Took long, luxurious hot shower. Now wandering around half-dressed with a towel on my head, not wanting to finish getting dressed. Seems kind of pointless to do so, since in an hour or so will have to get dressed in fancy clothes for Thida's wedding. Think will put on lotion and read some Pamela Zoline instead. Perhaps brush hair. Drink tea. Poor Jed has gone off to the office to work and I am lazing around, most decadently. Perhaps I will eat some cheesecake with raspberry sauce, leftover dessert from the dinner I made last night (chicken mushroom bell pepper cream sauce over rainbow rotini, lemon pepper asparagus, rosemary red potatoes...mmm...). Cheesecake sounds like a fine and proper breakfast, don't you think?

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