Had a very mellow…

Had a very mellow evening yesterday with David. I've been staying with him, but running around so much that we've barely talked to each other. So last night we just stayed in and hung out. Lots of talking. Vegetable tajine over couscous. A fierce Scrabble game -- I got some great letters, and would have had a decent shot at it, if I hadn't hung on to a 7-letter word for too long, trying to place it. I have a hard time letting go of things. :-)

I broke 300, anyway. I'm all about the consolatory pleasures.

This morning, answered some e-mail, read some Wild Life, but mostly hung out on the Speculations Rumor Mill, getting into various somewhat fierce arguments. I ended up posting a rant about academia and students and such. And then there's the question of counting online magazine circulations. Oof. Big headaches.

Cliff (old roommate) coming by around 2 to hang for a bit, catch-up. Then at 6-ish I head up to Berkeley for Kelly Link's reading. Heather's arranged for some of us to hang out with her later, which should be fun. Not sure when/where, but I'm happy to have someone else organize for a change.

Back to the slave mines. I have a pile of miscellaneous stuff to do, and I suspect I should just start plowing through it. Later, munchkins...

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