Thanks goodness –…

Thanks goodness -- feeling better. I think it must just have been the pizza I had late last night disagreeing with me. Perhaps I shall declare a one-month moratorium on pizza...there's so much other good stuff to eat in the Bay Area...

Had to go downtown to do various bank/post office/etc. stuff before leaving. Was amazingly efficient, completing six errands in 1.5 hrs. Yay, me!

Only finished three of four kids' books. Currently plan is to read final book in airport and on plane, finishing review tonight. But ideally, I'd at least draft a chunk of the review here, so I don't have to lug the other books with me. That's last on the list, though -- only if I'm done with everything else by 3:30.

Things left to do:

  • write four interview reports for Chicago
  • clear desk
  • pay bills
  • Fed Ex Murnighan contract back to Melcher
  • mail Karina's Valentine's Day present
  • mail Kirsten's Christmas present
  • do SH checks and contracts
  • backup computer
  • finish packing
  • feed fish, water plants
  • finish reading kids' books
  • write kids' book review, send to Chris
This is looking a bit dubious.

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