Gods, just one of those…

Gods, just one of those days, y'know? I couldn't sleep until late last night, which meant that I didn't get up until 10. 10! I was so disoriented when I woke up that I just wandered around doing random stuff for a while...oh, stuff that was worth doing, but not any of the actual urgent stuff that was supposed to be done this morning. Eventually I figured out that I was running out of time, at which point I began running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I had a 1:30 meeting on campus, so I ran out the door at 1:05, with half the things I needed to do undone, to catch my bus. I then stood in the cold for twenty minutes until I was forced to acknowledge that the bus just wasn't coming, and that I had to call in and apologize to poor Paul who had to face the Dean and ask for money for our conference by himself. :-( This was only slightly softened by all the sirens that suddenly started sounding down the street, making it clear why the damn bus had been delayed. I still felt like a big flake, though I can't really think how I could have predicted that. Argh.

Anyway. Came home, and slowly started actually doing all the things that had been left undone. Am finally making some progress, and hope that by the time I have to go in for my workshop, will be able to say I've accomplished some damn thing today. Did I mention that the FedEx guy came by and I didn't hear him knock, even though I was here (!); he just left a note saying he'd try back tomorrow, which is lovely except that it cuts the time really fine; he's bringing the final galleys for Wet, which I need to proof and get back to Melcher Friday before leaving town. I was going to work on them this afternoon, so now I work on other things and hope I can clear away enough that I have plenty of time to do them tomorrow. Argh again.

Okay. Paul just called, interrupting this journal, and the meeting went great, so all is well on that front. They didn't decide we were flakes 'cause I didn't show. Sigh of relief. And apparently, they're quite confident that we'll have the money to do the conference again, and do it up spiffy again. Which is excellent news. We're tentatively scheduled for next spring, with the call for papers going out next August, so any of you humanities grad student types (especially Susan and Shmuel, y'hear me?) should start thinking about what you'd like to present at an interdisciplinary conference in Utah next spring. :-) Got that? You'll undoubtedly be hearing a lot more about this conference than the last one, since I'm a co-chair this time around.

Other good things have been happening too, of course -- it's not all doom and gloom around here. For one, John McMullen was feeling the need for some structured procrastination, so he decided to fix my porn/erotica market listing. It's one of the earliest documents I did, and I used the PRE tag for the long list of text, which was just kind of ugly, but swift, which was the priority at the time. And I never got around to fixing it. So he did. Yay, John! This pleases me. (What with Jed fixing my journal, I appear to be on a streak of sweet tech guys fixing stuff for me. I likes it, I do.)

And in Kingdom news, a few of you sent me heraldry info and now I know a lot more. I'm thinking if the goblet needs to be blue, then the background should be silver. I'm still a little confused by the no metal on a metal thing -- can I have adjacent metals? I.e., if I have my background be silver, can I cross it with a bar of gold? Or would the bar need to be a color, like black? Despite all the info on that page, I'm still confused! But I'm definitely leaning toward the goblet, and still waffling between a lion and a dragon. It'd be too much to have both, right? What I really need is an artist to do something like a lion and a dragon intertwined (sort of like all those images of a lion and a unicorn intertwined). I think with an image like that, I could get away with it as an element to parallel the goblet without the whole thing looking too cluttered. I'm not a big fan of cluttered. :-)

I should also note that C.J. has been officially appointed Seneschal. So if any servants show up, they'll be reporting to him. :-) Clearly, posts are going fast, and you should act fast before all the plum jobs are taken...

Okay, back to work. Deep breath. Diving in...

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