I originally just…

I originally just e-mailed a few friends with this link of Columbine's, but the more I look at it, the more I think the Mary Sue Litmus Test deserves a wider audience. If you or someone you know writes fantasy (or sf), please, take a few moments to think carefully about what this test has to say.

It turned out the flights would have been hideously expensive if Kev had come out this weekend, so he's coming out next Monday instead, staying until the weekend (after I leave). In theory, this could interfere with my work next week. He promises not to upset me, though. Or unduly distract me. :-)

Lots of little things going on. Zak has been doing all sorts of little fabulous things for SH. The site is already looking better, and soon it'll look better yet. I've got him to do bookmarks for us too. Hooray for skilled free labor. :-) I hope it does give something back to him eventually, in sf/f art contacts or some such. We need to remember to give him a design credit on site once all this redesign is done (Zak, remind me...) In similar news, I've started working with some of the other illustrators to get mugs and such done. Just finished putting together the first draft of Shelton Bryant's "Fiddler" store. The graphic looks great, but I want to be sure that he's sure he doesn't want to add some artist info to the image, just so people can know who did it! We'll see.

Anyway, I should get going on academic work -- have some reading and other stuff to finish up before I go into campus at 1:30 (soon!). Talk you later...

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