I miss Jed. This is…

I miss Jed. This is patently ridiculous, given that I talked to him briefly today, briefly yesterday, and at some length on all the days previous for at least the past week. But he's busy this weekend, and I really shouldn't distract him, so I am restraining myself from calling him, even though I could. And thus, I miss him. I know this feeling; it's one that I got accustomed to while dating Kevin, and doubtless one that anyone who dates me (or is even close friends with me) has to get accustomed to -- the 'my sweetie is busy working hard and so I shouldn't distract them but I want to but I'm trying to be good' feeling. Like an itch under the surface of your skin. A mild itch, but still. The perils of being close to workaholics...(even those, like Kevin, who are only periodic workaholics)

Don't worry, I'll survive it. :-)

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