Sailing Directions for…

Sailing Directions for the Circumnavigation of England

Berwik lieth south and north of Golden stonys, the Ilonde and Berwik haven lien west north west and Est South est. And fro Vansborugh to the poynt of the Ilond the cours lieth north and South, And beware of the golde stonys it folowith North north west, and quarter tide be owre.....And yif ye goo fro the shelde to the Holmes, and it be in the nyght, ye shall go but xviij fadome fro the coste till the gesse that ye be past Limber and Urry.....but the moost wisedome is to abide till it be day.

-- The Sailing Directions of Pierre Garcie (the first English and French printed sailing directions)

The most wisdom indeed. :-)

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