I did manage to find a…

I did manage to find a bonbon yesterday (the last of Tim's Hawaiian chocolates), so I felt suitably rewarded for my morning labors. I'm not quite sure what I did in the afternoon -- puttered, mostly, and read a fair bit of the Murakami, which is still intriguing, although also frustrating (mostly because the protagonist is frustrated, and I empathize). Made a splendid dinner mostly out of leftovers; I love when I can manage to do that, as it makes me feel all house-thrifty and such. Like Little House on the Prairie. :-) Afterwards, I ended up doing SH checks and contracts in front of the tv; they're almost ready to send out, but I left the big box of envelopes at the office, so I need to pick those up first. They'll go out tomorrow, probably. Lots of good tv on these days, most specifically Buffy -- they're doing two hours of re-runs daily on FX, in sequence, and they're currently in a big segment I missed, the whole Buffy/Angel thing. It's very satisfying seeing how that relationship actually played out. Also just saw the whole sequence with Giles as Ripper; apparently they'll be doing a spin-off show on that soon? So I heard? That Joss Whedon -- he's something else, ain't he? He impresses me regularly.

I had a hard time falling asleep 'cause I'd been in work-mode all day and couldn't seem to shut it off. Ended up having to chat with first Kev, then Jed, just to slow down enough to sleep. In the process, Kev persuaded me that it really probably made more academic sense to go to AWP in New Orleans this year -- I knew that, really, but I was feeling anxious about it. What I really need to do is find out who else is going and who wants to share a hotel room and for how many nights. Then I can book plane tickets. Soon, I swear.

This morning I'm going to head into campus -- have to make copies of the two stories revised yesterday for class (specifically, for those people who didn't manage to make it onto the mailing list over the last week...sigh...). I'll drop those off, then buy some books (ouch) for the Renaissance class and then go sit somewhere warm with some hot tea and read, I think. I sort of want to take my computer with me, but I can't really think of a reason why -- I mean, I'm not planning on taking notes or anything. It's just nice that it's two pounds lighter than my old one, and that I could take it with me without much trouble. But still, it's snowing, and I think I'll just leave it at home. Will also go to the library and read in the Rare Books room, and read for this bio-bibliography project. Class at 3:30, home by 6-ish, more Buffy at 7. Life is good...

Oh, hey -- and congratulations to Tim Pratt -- new editor of Star*Line. It's a fine little publication, which I actually read (comes with my membership in SFPA), and I think he'll do a great job with it. Yay, Tim! (Who also sold a novelette to Realms of Fantasy yesterday -- very impressive. :-)

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