Morning, munchkins. …

Morning, munchkins. It's early here, 6:30 or so. I'm a little groggy, but it's nice to be up early again, feeling like I have a lovely big chunk of time to work before lunch.

I didn't get much done yesterday, but I think that's okay. Various grad student types came over for brunch, including a few new ones from the law school (that I met at the downstairs neighbors' party). Very pleasant. That went from noon to 4-ish, and then afterwards...afterwards I mostly drifted about. There's been a lot of finishing up of old projects. It's a little startling to me how many I had going, here, there, and everywhere. Among other things, I'm still working on Christmas presents. Sheesh. Only a few left, though.

Late-ish yesterday I finally got around to calling Mike. This is Leah's Mike (Leah from my Clarion class), the astronomer. (They had their wedding at an observatory, absolutely the coolest wedding location I've ever been to. Actually, astronomer may be the coolest job held by someone I know, now that I think of it...) Anyway, my protagonist in "Bodies in Motion", Chaya, is an astronomy post-doc, and I needed details, and lots of them. After talking with Mike, I now have a much better grasp of where she would likely be (Univ. of Illinois, actually, where Kevin is), where she would be offered a tempting job (Univ. of California at Irvine or Davis, probably), and what her daily routine would be like. All essential to my story. He also pointed me to a book that may be helpful, Lonely Hearts of the Cosmos, by Dennis Overbye. Won't be able to get it before I hand in the story today, of course, but will be useful for revisions, I suspect. Yay, Mike!

Anyway -- my tea should be steeped now; I'm gonna put on headphones and try to revise. Talk to y'all later...and while you're waiting, go check out Strange Horizons. I really love the style of the story we have up this week -- compelling reading!

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