Sigh. There’s a problem…

Sigh. There's a problem with my iBook. It's not a big problem, but it's irritating -- the delete key is damaged, and eventually just popped off. On close examination, a tiny piece of plastic appears to have broken off the top of the key. I assume that my warranty covers this, but I'm not excited about sending my baby off to Apple right after I got it. On the plus side, if I do decide to do it, I still have my Powerbook, so I won't be hampered too badly. Sigh.

Most of today has been spent proofing the galleys for Wet. Tedious, but so far I've found one missing word, and corrected a few grammar errors and such. Only a few stories left and then I can send it off; it's nice that Fed Ex will come out to my house and pick it up. :-) I do appreciate good service.

One quick question -- I want to make a note on the SH site about the Hugos. To that end, it would be lovely to find a public-domain image of the Hugo Award (it's a very striking silver rocket ship). Any help finding one would be much appreciated; I browsed for while, but didn't find anything suitable.

Some other exciting projects in the works -- I can't talk much about one of them yet, but it's potentially another erotica project for Melcher (a small book, not an anthology). We'll see if it happens. The other is looking more certain -- I'll be writing an academic bio-bibliography on Tananarive Due for a collection on sf writers. The plus side is that this counts both as an academic credit suitable for my CV and as a sf credit that gets my name (and by extension, SH's) out a bit more into that community. It also pays a bit. On the minus side, I've never read anything of hers. On the plus side, I've been meaning too, so now I have an excuse to read everything of hers. Hopefully I'll like it. Any of her fans in the audience should raise their hands now...

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