Zak is amazatonishing. …

Zak is amazatonishing. Not only did he design a cover for me last night, like that!, but he even came up with a title I like and want to keep. So CD #1 is now entitled Morningsong, and here are the fabulous covers (the other was designed by Blue Torres some time back (photo credit, Arthur Evans)):

How cool are they? They are so cool!

I'm going to take a little time in a bit and do up separate selling pages for each of them, linked off at least the stories page, but possibly from here too. We'll see...

I'm going to stop inflicting photos of my baby sister on you soon, I swear. But I particularly like that one -- something about the angle of her head, the charming curls, the pinkness of eyelids and redness of lips. Both of my sisters are so photogenic -- if I lived back East, I'd take them out into the woods and photograph them like crazy. I'd love to put Sharmi in something very simple -- a filmy green shift, or white, perhaps. She'd make a fabulous forest sprite. Mirna I think would do better all formally dressed up, in black brocade corset and wine-colored gown with a golden circlet on her head, a queen from an ancient tale, wandering lost in the woods, looking for her true love. There's so much I don't know about photography that I'd like to learn at some point -- if we had worlds enough and time...

Ah well. Maybe later.

I'm quite sure there were some other notes I meant to make for you. Oh -- From Porn to Poetry arrived recently; it's terrific sharing a masthead with my Jed. :-) They've managed to include just tons of stories, very nice.

I'm sure there's more, but I have no brain yet. Perhaps later, my dears. Happy Tuesday!

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