Hey, munchkins. So, a…

Hey, munchkins. So, a little mopey today. Got some e-mail from my professor regarding my two final academic papers. The Hawthorne one was fine -- not outstanding, but fine. I'm guessing I'll get an A- in that course; I may try to improve that early next semester if he's willing. We'll see. The depressing news is that he really didn't like my theory paper, and wants to give me a B+ in the course...(I was getting an A- until that point). He's willing to let me rewrite that one, so I'll meet with him early next semester and do so. I'm not even entirely surprised -- I didn't get a chance to meet with him about this paper before writing it, and he's one of those professors where it really helps if you have a clear idea of the type of paper he's looking for (which doesn't mean he's at all unfair or anything -- just that he's not as...loose...as some professors). Anyway -- it's okay, but frustrating. I stressed a lot about both these papers last week, and I'd hoped for a happier result to them.

Part of the problem is that I *hate* doing things over...I pack my life pretty tightly sometimes and I'm all about efficiency. Missing buses, making mistakes, etc. -- they all interfere with efficiency, and with the overall goal of having as much fun as possibly in the limited span that is life. But I *am* aware that messing up is to be expected too; I just don't have as much patience with that as I should. Ignore the grumbling from the balcony.

I'm going to try to put all thoughts of this aside until after the holidays. I currently have a very light semester planned for spring, with plenty of time for fixing things. So until then, I'm just going to enjoy the holidays. Today, I'll work for a couple of hours on Christmas stuff; then Kev and I are going to go see LotR. There will probably be some package mailing and Xmas card getting (I ran out!) on the way. I'm still itching to play The Sims, but the CD is still hidden, which is a good thing. I should also clean up a bit; tomorrow night some people are coming by for potluck dinner; that'll be nice. I need to figure out what I'm making. I have a slightly dubious-looking recipe for plum pudding; in case that doesn't work well, I should have a back-up dessert of some kind; probably trifle. Fruit and custard and sherry and cake...mmm... Still not quite sure how many people are coming, so I'll hold off on other planning until I know better.

Sheesh -- Xmas is in 5 days. How did that happen? But you know what else is even sooner? The anniversary of this journal! Yup, on the 22nd it'll be six years. SIX YEARS! I'm a little astonished, even though you would think I would expect this since it was five years last year.

Anyway, in celebration, I'm going to skim through the last year of entries and pick out my favorite to point you to. If you have some free time, please do the same, and let me know which one was your favorite. I'll post those here, along with your comments, on Saturday, and also add them to the list of favorite entries. A Xmas present from me to you, and from you to me. :-)

11:40. In honor of going to see the movie today (we're planning on a 4:20 showing), I share with you my hobbit name -- Tigerlily Hamwich of Buckleberry Fern. Ms. Tigerlily will do.

David turns out to be a Baggins. I should've known...

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