Stayed up late last…

Stayed up late last night, talking to Kevin. It had been a sort of strange day; I was just exhausted, for no good reason, and spent the day alternately watching tv and reading. I did get some things (lingering checks and such) in the mail, but mostly, I goofed off and rested. In evening, I got kind of sad. We talked through it, though. Most days, I can mostly accept how things needs to be with us, but every once in a while, denial just rises up and overwhelms me. I get mad at the universe for being unfair. Aren't you supposed to get over that kind of anger when you're a kid?

Anyway, slept late today and woke up still a little sad; consoled myself with cold pizza and Suzy Charnas's The Bronze King, not-a-Christmas-present, sent by M'ris. Thanks, M'ris! It was lovely -- vintage Charnas, and a really solid kids' fantasy. Reminded me a little of Duane's So You Want to Be a Wizard, though that may just be because in both cases, New York was in danger of being swallowed up (though in different ways).

Kev's still asleep; I should putter about and finish cleaning up various things. Around lunchtime I think we're going to head downtown, either to Borders or the new B&N (they closed the convenient one and opened one farther away, sigh). I have to start working on my next paper -- today's for rereading Bhabha and Spivak and taking notes, trying to figure out what I want to argue. Tomorrow is theoretically for drafting, and Monday for revising and handing in. We'll see.

I've unpacked all my Christmas ornaments, but I still haven't quite figured out what to do with them. I was thinking stringing them up on ribbons, but I don't actually have much ribbon. I do have a lot of yarn, and a lot of embroidery thread. I think the yarn might work -- it's even in wine and white, Xmas colors. But I should probably wait until he wakes up, since I doubt he'd appreciate the noise of me hammering nails into the walls. (It's a good thing I have a tolerant landlord, 'cause I've put a lot of nails into the walls over the last few years...)

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