*yawn* Long day, my…

*yawn* Long day, my dears, and not done quite yet. Let's see...last talked to you yesterday afternoon, yes? I did manage to finish the crit. reading through Zizek, so I was prepped for class today. Good. I then spent the evening working on a piece for creative nonfiction. It's a bit strange; I based it on an interview. I made up a bunch of questions and sent them to various people...then I incorporated their responses into the piece. It's about skin color and sex and other stuff...was interesting to draft, though I suspect my class will tear it apart next week, since it's so rough right now. Ah well. Maybe it'll turn into something decent eventually.

What was particularly fun about it was getting in touch with old lovers again. I ended up exchanging a fair bit of e-mail with Dean and Paul (my first two boyfriends) and Curtis and Jason (whom I had brief...umm...one-night-stands with, really, though they've both been friends before and since). None of those are people I normally e-mail much; it was interesting and rather pleasantly nostalgic.

Eventually I went to sleep, only to wake up half an hour later, wide awake. Annoying! I read some more theory until I fell asleep again.

This morning I got up, finished the grading and class prep. Went in to do a mess of photocopying for my students, which made me late for class, but all in a good cause, eh? Then busy class stuff until Buffy. Umm...this isn't exactly a spoiler, but Karina, you might want to be warned that the show is getting kind of SM-ish this season. I mean, I think it's hot, but not sure you'd appreciate it.

When I finish updating, I'm going to go watch some Spanish films. I'm taking another stab at the Spanish exam tomorrow morning; we'll see how it goes. If I don't pass advanced proficiency this time, I think I'll just take a class either this spring or this summer and get the requirement done that way.

Oh, btw -- Jed found me a Visor/cell cable! Excellent. :-)

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