I’m been reassured that…

I'm been reassured that there's still a few of you reading, so I feel better. :-) I'm also told that one of you bought a mug from the little store -- please be advised that I'm still messing with all that stuff. I'll let y'all know as soon as I actually have finished products ready to buy.

Of course, I didn't get anything done yesterday. Chatted with friends, read my fantasy novel, answered some e-mail. Pretty much ditto today; I went to see Harry Potter with Carol this morning -- lots of fun. Then we stopped at the video store and I rented some Spanish films (to practice for my exam this week) and two goofy ones: The Wedding Planner and Knight's Tale. I watched the former when I got home...and I suppose it's progress of a sort that I can now watch a romantic comedy and only get slightly sad. I couldn't watch them at all this summer. After that...umm...some e-mail, some random tiny tasks, wrote to Jason (finally), watched Sister Act on tv, made and ate dinner. So very not a productive day. But I *think* I'm still okay, and will be able to finish everything I need to finish tomorrow, if I work steadily. I think I needed a mini-vacation. Hopefully I'll feel more like working tomorrow.

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