Hey, munchkins. Slow…

Hey, munchkins. Slow morning -- I'm still groggy from all the travel, so I decided to take it easy this morning and skip my first class. Which means that I had time to actually do a tiny bit of workout this morning *and* wash my hair, which I assure you will make the rest of my day go much better than it would have otherwise. I caved in a while back and bought an exercise video (something I think I swore in college that I'd never do), but in my defense, it's a particularly cool one: The New York City Ballet Workout. To be honest, I've only done about a half hour of it at a time so far, but I really enjoy it -- there's something about all those beautiful bodies that's highly motivating. And the mellow pace of it suits me -- it's not about bouncing up and down in a high aerobic frenzy -- it's about controlled movements that push your body just a little further every day. I still end up in a light sweat by the end of half an hour, which is all I ask from a workout. Here's a pledge -- in an attempt to counter the almost-inevitable Christmas weight gain when I go home for the holidays, I'm going to try to start doing a half hour of this every morning. There's no good reason not to -- it makes me more cheerful to have exercised. So we'll see how it goes. Anyone want to try it with me? From now until Christmas, a half hour every day. Not so hard, no? Heh. We'll see what I say in a month. Or perhaps a week.

In other news -- my being away from the net for four whole days remarkably didn't mean that the world fell apart. Well, maybe the world is, but my magazine isn't, which is really what I meant. I love having a competent staff. All is purring along nicely; I've gotten responses from almost all the invited authors for the POD book, and I'll send out reminders to the laggards this week and start putting the actual manuscript together. I also need to revise the W intro and write a dedication and acknowledgements. I wish I'd kept a list of everyone who helped on this book -- if you think you should be acknowledged, please write and remind me! Those are the main tasks for tomorrow.

Anyway -- I never did get that crit paper revised, so I'm going to go do that now; hopefully the professor won't laugh in my face when I attempt to hand it in this late. Fingers crossed. I would have sent it from the road as we'd agreed, honest I would, but I didn't anticipate being totally cut off from the net. These people who have only a cell phone and no regular long-distance...occasionally people get too high-tech even for me.

11:40. About to run off to class; just checking in to note that I did manage a revision -- it's not perfect, but it's much better. I can live with that. I also sent out a note asking if SH illustrators might be interested in doing items through Cafe Press -- I'd personally love to have several of those illustrations as mugs and Christmas ornaments! And I got a note asking if I'd be willing to review a book and write a cover blurb for it; this is the second such request (the first was for Ursula Pflug's Green Music), and I admit I'm still a bit bewildered. When did I become famous enough to blurb books? I feel like I crossed an invisible line in the sand...but I don't know when or how. Ah well...

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