6:15 a.m. In a cab, on…

6:15 a.m. In a cab, on my way to Alex's from JFK. The little airline I flew, JetBlue, was surprisingly comfortable despite the red-eye nature of the flight; every seat in coach had a little tv with lots of channels (mostly sports, but also others such as A&E, the Food Network, and the Cartoon Network), and nice soft cushions, and of course, a pillow and blanket. If you're going to take a red-eye in coach, this is about as good as you can expect it to get. Maybe even better.

Despite all this, I only managed to sleep about two of the four hours. The rest, I mostly watched tv or read; I'm in the midst of Lauren Slater's Lying, which is rather disturbingly similar in structure to what I was trying to do with my MFA thesis (which at one point was titled Truth, though it eventually became Naked). I suppose I have a bit of resentment that she did it first, and did it better than I would have. Ah well. Luckily, that's not the project I'm working on now... :-). The book's quite good, though -- I'm racing through it, and I expect that I'll be satisfied with the end. Will let you know if not.

The other thing I did during the flight was look out the window. It was an unusually clear night, and the sky was just full of stars. I first noticed them when we were passing over Chicago, and if I hadn't been so tired, I might have gotten sad, watching Kevin's apartment go by, imagining him asleep in it. Since I *was* awfully tired, I just felt vaguely affectionate, imagining him there. I couldn't really make out his apartment, anyway -- though downtown was quite clear, and I know roughly where he is in relation to downtown, even from the air.

We came into New York just as the sky started to lighten. A pale blue light over the fierce rush of streetlights; somehow, the city looked very lovely and perhaps just a little fragile, in that light.

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