It’s a day to finish off…

It's a day to finish off various tasks before leaving town. Various and sundry:

  • Write damned crit paper (due last Tuesday, due Friday before that...sigh)
  • Stop by mall briefly and look for rain hat
  • Stop by grocery store and buy rice and vegetable for dinner tonight
  • Also buy #10 envelopes
  • Send out Wet *and* SH checks and contracts
  • Meet with student at 3
  • Finish commenting on last set of student stories
  • Remind myself how to get .pdb files onto my Visor, do back-up and change batteries
I've only been up an hour or so, and so far all I've managed is to stop by Fictionwise and download some free books (SH, so I can show my sisters, and a novel by Lois Tilton, Venom, a free Norse retelling from Loki's pov). I grabbed them both as PDF's (for comfortable viewing on the train, when I'll be able to plug in my laptop) and as PDB's (for my Visor). But it's been a while since I uploaded anything to my Visor; hopefully I'll remember how.

Anyway, will check back in if I can. On to work...

4:00. No progress on paper, but everything else is going spiffy. Sigh. Current plan is to write the intro tonight after Star Trek, and finish it in the morning before class. I am such a bad example to undergrads...

I'm trying something a little odd for dinner tonight -- adapting my mom's beef, potato, carrot and onion stew (amazingly yummy) for vegetarians. Well, really, just leaving out the beef and seeing how it comes out. I suspect it's going to want some veggie boullion to punch up the flavor, but I'm lacking in such at the moment; not sure how I managed to run out, but I did. I'll put in some extra peppercorns, cloves and cardamom and see if that does it. Hmm...I really like the Ethiopian veggie stew, which I haven't made in forever. I think it's Ethiopian? David, do you remember? If this doesn't work well, then maybe I'll go look at that recipe and see if I can steal anything for this one.

I love cooking -- it's like being a scientist, but without any rigor, and with being able to eat (usually) the finished results. :-)

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