It’s been a productive…

It's been a productive and reasonably cheerful morning so far. I woke up kind of tired and cold; I stayed up last night re-reading some of I Capture the Castle -- I love that book. (M'ris, you probably haven't read this, have you? It's marvelous, absolutely marvelous. Susan G., I think you'd really like it too.) Now I can't remember if I recommended it to both my sisters or just one; I think they'd both like it. I should check. Anyway, stayed up late, fell asleep wrapped in my afghan (I really don't understand why afghans are so warm and cozy, given that they're full of holes), woke up to a very chilly house. Checked e-mail and then turned on the heat (should've done it in reverse order to protect my hands, oh well) and made tea. Worked steadily all morning, on final details for the conference this weekend, which is going to be really spiffy -- there's a full program on that website, so if you're curious, you can go find out what I do when I'm being really academic. In retrospect, I wish I'd publicized this a bit more, and tried to really coax academic friends of mine to participate. Since it's an interdisciplinary conference, we would have been delighted to have Susan G. and Karina and Shmuel presenting papers; I don't *know* that their departments would have chipped in for airfare, but it would have been worth attempting. Ah well -- maybe next time, if they're still in school.

Also worked on W (can I use that abbreviation for Wet? Y'all will remember what I mean, no? I still think of it as Bodies of Water in my head) -- we're down to two authors' line edits left, and then I just have to draft an intro (eep!) and send it all off to the copyeditor next week. I can't quite believe it's almost done. They'll send me a check and everything...

And now I really ought to stop procrasting and read/comment on student stories. Yes, I should have finished them Monday. I really have to finish them today, or the students will be justified in their revolution. I'll deserve to be the first one up against the wall... I don't know why it's so easy to put off grading. It's the most procrastinatingest thing in my life -- and yet, I don't really mind doing it. I even kind of enjoy it. But boy, I'd rather go do dishes right now, or even mop the kitchen floor. Very strange.

One very nice piece of news before I go. You remember that I told you about this charming book I was reading, Mr. Wilson's Cabinet of Wonder, by Lawrence Weschler, about the Museum of Jurassic Technology, which is more of a meta-commentary about museums than it is an actual museum? I think I told you about it anyway. Wonderful book; much fun and terrific illustrations. Well, the MacArthur genius grants were announced today, and Mr. Wilson got one for the museum! How cool is that? Now I want to go back down to L.A. and visit the place before all the money turns it into something different (which I'm sure would be equally exciting, but not the same, y'know?). If you're in L.A., then just go!

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