Well, I didn’t end up…

Well, I didn't end up doing anything yesterday that I said I would. Hopefully today. Some relatives called yesterday who had just heard about me and Kev; we ended up having a long and upsetting conversation on the phone, which I would love to rant about at length here, but some lingering sense of familial loyalty prevents me. Sigh. It kind of knocked me out for the rest of the evening, though; instead, I watched tv and crotcheted compulsively; I actually think I'll probably finish my afghan today, the one I've been working on for...oh, two years now? Maybe? This is my second afghan, and I think my general feeling is that it's just too time-consuming -- I'm very achievement-oriented, and it's just too slow an achievement. :-) Maybe I'll make scarves. Or switch to quilting; at least I'd be learning new skills. Still, it'll be nice to have this done; I gave my other one away, after many years -- I think I'll hang on to this one, at least for a while. It is sort of satisfying to know that with a ball of yarn, a hooked piece of metal, and a knowledge of knots, I can make a blanket. Brings out the rustic pioneer in me, I guess. :-)

My bedroom and closet are now spotless; I think I'm going to try to alternate cleaning with other work today. I have to read a very boring book for American Studies; James Fenimoore Cooper's The Pioneers. The first chapter was boring, anyway -- if I'm lucky, it'll improve. Laundry is going; a nice breeze is coming through the sunny bedroom window. I was in a pretty sad state last night, and woke up kind of grumpy, but slowly, the day is improving.

9:00. I finished it! :-)

Other than that...well, my apartment is very clean. Very very clean. David, you would be proud of how well my tub is scrubbed. I didn't quite make it to dusting, but aside from that -- well, it's clean.

The Pioneers, on the other hand -- not a clean book. A book full of all sorts of crud. Some racist and sexist crud, but that's to be expected for the time period. More of a problem is all the badly-written crud. Sheesh. Twain was right.

I'm going to have to go into a cafe tomorrow, I think, to force myself to finish the damn thing. I can do my grading then too; that's the plan, at any rate.

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