Yesterday was relatively…

Yesterday was relatively eventful -- I did a fair bit of work, including bill-paying (ick!), watched Babe, got acupuncture for the first time, courtesy of Lisette (weird, but I'm proud of myself for not chickening out -- not that I think I'm likely to ever do it again, though...), and then had a really lovely dinner with Rick Wadholm, one of my Clarion classmates who lives down this way and whom I haven't seen in four years. He came back to Lisette's afterwards and somehow we ended up watching Tarzan for a while; she has a pretty spiffy tv (one of those wide, flat-screen things) and I gotta say the movie looked way cool on it.

This morning, Kevin and I finally had a chance to talk; he's been busy with orientation stuff and I've had a bit of a hard time finding a time when I'm up and Lisette isn't. Went...about as can be expected, I guess. I told him I was feeling the need for more of a break, and that I'd rather we didn't call each other for a while. We moped at each other for a while. I hate doing this, but given that the relationship has been long-distance for so much of the time, I feel like I need to do *something* to help convince my brain that things have really changed, that it's actually over.

Heh. Given the poly stuff, just dating someone else doesn't do it. :-/ Not that I feel like dating anyone new anyway. (Note: if you were planning to proposition me, I recommend waiting six months.)

I'm waffling about what to do in mid-October; the CS reading in the Bay Area got moved to 10/14, which would be a lovely opportunity to come back, stay with Jed, see people, etc. Except that that's the same weekend as JournalCon in Chicago. Dammit. I had halfway decided to go, or at least to keep the possibility open, because I'd been meaning to go to JournalCon for a while, and it was so darn convenient that it was in Chicago because now I had an excuse to go there and coincidentally just happen to stay with Kevin... Yah, my brain is not so subtle in its circumlocutions. Anyway. I don't need to decide for a while, so I'm going to just let the possibilities simmer.

Today, I gotta work. So I'll go back to it. Later, my dears.

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