Still about a hundred…

Still about a hundred rejections to go. Oof. But we progress.

In other news, "And Baby Makes Four" has been selected for Best Bi Erotica 2! :-) I'm especially pleased because a) I didn't hear about the first one in time, b) I love these characters, and am happy to publish something about them, and c) I wrote this story with this anthology in mind, and I was pretty sure that it was going to be something they'd like, so it's very satisfying to be right in that. :-) I think editing has given me a better sense of what editors look for. Interesting.

Dinner last night was lovely, though the potatoes were a bit overdone. But the lamb with tzatiki was yummy -- ditto feta and Greek bread and marinated olives and baklava. Could have used some salad -- next time.

A really charming market listing from David Kopaska-Merkel, one of the SH poets. Those of you with kids, listen up:

Children's market rises like the phoenix

About 9 years ago my then 9-year-old started a magazine called Kids' World. During the past year, she tried to get her now 9-year-old sister to take over so that it would not die (the founder is off to college in a couple of months). Lillian has not only agreed to take over the magazine, but is actually reading and responding to submissions. She'll be putting out a double issue in the next month, and I think it's safe to say that Kids' World is back after an approximately 6-month hiatus.

The magazine is a 16-page digest, but at least the next 2 issues will be doubles as we catch up. Morgan published 26 issues in 9 years. The magazine started out being published twice a year but is now quarterly.

She is looking for writing BY CHILDREN (17 and younger) and wants stories, poems, and jokes. She also desperately needs art (black and white). Payment is one copy. Samples are $2.

I must emphasize that this is Lillian's project. I supply the money, and I'll be doing the typing until she learns how, but she does all the editing and all of the responding to submissions.

Right now, Lillian is overstocked on fiction and poetry, but has almost no art on hand.

Lillian Kopaska-Merkel
Kids' World
1300 Kicker Rd.
Tuscaloosa AL 35404

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