Well, I spent some time…

Well, I spent some time last night and this morning working on an essay for an anthology, on my relationship to food. Very rough draft at this point, but at least that draft is finished and out for comments, and I feel *so* much better than I have the rest of this weekend. I clearly went too long without writing, and it made me cranky. I have some other writing to work on this week, and hopefully I won't be a lazy bum about it. We'll see.

I'm going to call Roshani in a bit and see if she wants to come over with the baby. If so, I'll spend a couple of hours watching Zoe while Roshani tries to start studying for an exam she has in six weeks. Means I won't get any more work done today myself, but that's okay. I need to ease back into this work thing slowly anyway. :-)

I also feel like cooking, possibly as a result of working on that essay. The essay focused on Sri Lankan food, but I think I'll go French for lunch -- I'm thinking a cream of asparagus soup, and a potato-onion frittata. Mmm...okay, now I'm hungry.

Before I go, I will belatedly remind you that Strange Horizons had tons of good stuff last week, which I forgot to tell you about, and a whole bunch of good stuff this week. Some highlights include a two-part action-adventure story, somewhat reminiscent of Survivor, a interview with Tad Williams about his new Shadowmarch project, a gallery by artist Kari Christenson (a BYU student whom I discovered at LTUE), a linguistics lesson from Suzette Haden Elgin, poetry, reviews, etc. and so on. It's all good.

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