Oh, yesterday wasn’t…

Oh, yesterday wasn't nearly as productive as I'd hoped. I did end up spending the morning packing, which was a pretty long process. It involved going through all the clothes in my closet, packing away all the ones I definitely didn't want this summer, trying on all the ones I might want this summer, packing away the ones that didn't fit or didn't look great or seemed too bulky, and then packing into duffel bags the clothes I did want. Also shoving a whole lot of other crap into the back of my closet -- camping supplies, craft supplies, extra linens, etc. I've managed to get the front half clear, which should leave plenty of room for Eric-the-Sublettor (like Eric the Red) to put his stuff, esp. since he's a guy, y'know. He doesn't seem like the type of guy who has a lot of clothes. But anyway, that took *hours*.

I eventually did make it to Borders, stopping to do a tiny bit of shopping along the way (cute blue dress!), and managed to do two hours of work before a cafe event drove me out. (Two guys from the tv station, talking about summer movies and giving out tickets to The Mummy Returns -- for a solid hour.) I sat in the children's section and read Terry Pratchett's The Truth, which was very funny and made me nostalgic for my days of journalism (very long ago -- I used to write theatre reviews for a tiny Chicago paper -- I was the second-string reviewer, so I got to go to such gems as Gilligan's Island: The Musical. It was the one time in my life that I really got to use my full vocabulary of nasty words). I ended up reading that 'til 9:30. Then I came home, checked e-mail, talked to Jed, went to sleep -- having written all of three pages of my history paper. You can guess what I'm doing today, eh?

So today, more history paper. I really am hoping to finish it today, in part because I'd like David to look at it before I hand it in and make sure I having made any egregious history mistakes. Not that he's read the history, but he has a background in the field and figure he can probably find things that I shouldn't be doing. Of course, I haven't asked him if he has time to do this yet. I should do that. I figure if I can give him a draft today, he can probably find some time to look at it by Tuesday, and I can give Anand the finished paper on Wednesday. We'll see.

Then deep in Nabokov tomorrow; I hope to spend the morning at the library reading some secondary source material (skimming, more accurately), then go take my driver's test, then come back to the library for more reading. We'll see. If I fail my driver's test, then I may be mopey. I haven't driven a car since like July or something. Not ideal.

Anyway. Time to start the tea, and disconnect the computer from the net connection so I'm not tempted to keep checking e-mail in between pages of paper-writing. Have a good Sunday, munchkins. Hope it's more restful than mine!

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