The sun is just rising…

The sun is just rising over the mountains as I type this; the morning has shifted from bright but grey to a clear sky blue, cloudless, with sun pouring in my eastern window. My plants will be happy. The plants are doing pretty well these days -- they like spring. The current list, right to left: fichus (have no idea how to spell that), glossy green office-type plant, lavender, jasmine, mini-rose, chocolate and apple mint, another mini-rose, rosemary, some purple flowering plant, curry (which has nothing to do with actual curry leaves, but we'll let that go), English and lemon thyme, ivy, oregano, garlic chives, and a couple more glossy green plants. Plants good.

I'm not quite so good, though doing okay. Slept very badly last night, including a couple almost-panic attacks. I'm guessing that's just having someone else in the bed -- you get used to sleeping alone, y'know? And I have a terrible bed for sharing with someone -- it's queen-size, but it's an incredibly creaky futon. I'm okay on it by myself; somehow I find the non-creaky bits. But with someone else there, every time either one of you shifts, it creaks loudly, which is almost guaranteed to wake up the other person, so they shift, and it creaks some more, and neither one of you ends up getting much sleep. argh. If I remember rightly, we adjusted to it before, so we probably will again, but right now, I'm feeling a little groggy.

It's also odd being with Kev again. This happens pretty often too, with the long-distance thing. Sometimes, especially if we've been talking a lot on the phone, he shows up here (or I show up there), and everything is completely normal. And sometimes, we feel a little bit like strangers. When he arrived yesterday, we sat on the couch and watched the Simpsons for a while, and it felt...odd. We got most of the way through that last night, though, and by tonight, it should be fine.

Have I mentioned that I really do hate long-distance relationships? Even when they're entirely my own choice?

Okie, back to work.

11:00. Kevin's just left to go into the math department; hopefully he'll run into some colleagues there and get to have a nice, long math natter. (I think 'natter' is a word. Is it a word? Am I making it up?) We had a pleasant morning -- he woke up soon after I did (around 7), and sat on the couch and did math for a while. I worked on the computer for a bit, making up a quiz for my students, and then came and read on the couch, with my cold feet tucked under him. Lovely.

I have a few students coming by in the next hour or two, and three things to do today: a) grade the web pages (a couple of hours' work), b) read Henry Miller's The Air-Conditioned Nightmare (due tomorrow), and c) keep reading Ada, which I really do plan to finish this week, dangit. So it's definitely a work afternoon and a work evening. I'm not sure if I'll stick around here; it's so tempting to check e-mail every five minutes. I think I'm going to go have some lunch, and then try to grade web pages. When I can't stand them anymore, I'll take the Miller downtown to Borders for the afternoon, I think. I need to pick up a wire picture hanger from the craft supply store sometime soon, and mail Lisette's birthday present from the post office (I got her the latest, very wicked, Laurell K. Hamilton book -- with any luck, it'll make her blush :-) so that should all tie together nicely. I like it when my errands are efficient.

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