Okie, you know that…

Okie, you know that light day I planned yesterday? Well, it turned out that I didn't have a form signed that I needed, so Paul came over for lunch and we went over some tax stuff and then we rescheduled for Monday. And I went to the bookstore and got some books and went to the plant store and got some herbs and bedding plants, and then I came home and read for hours, and then I talked to Kev for a couple more hours. And that's what I did yesterday -- pretty close to no work at all. It was kind of nice.

Today I need to work, though. I'm still reading some fluff (currently Pratchett's The Fifth Elephant), but hopefully that will be interspersed with taxes and grading and making up a quiz for Tuesday's class. That's the plan, at any rate. It's a good plan, I think. If it stops raining, I'll duck out and do a little planting at some point (though it's a cold day for it). I went for the jewel tones -- ruby snapdragons, cobalt pansies, indigo petunias. I'll sprinkle some cobalt lobelia seed as well, and see what happens.

I spent a while yesterday doing research on mugs for Strange Horizons. They're going to look pretty spiffy, I think. But the thing is, I know some of you were interested in getting mugs of my own poetry, but it'd be $200 minimum to do a run of 72 mugs (the smallest order possible), and I just don't think that 72 of you will be interested in buying mugs. I'd need to charge you $5 just to cover the cost + shipping; if I wanted to make any profit, I'd need to charge more. So I dunno...maybe I should just do it through Cafe Press -- even though they'll charge you like $12/mug and not give me any profit, at least I don't need to outlay $200 up front. What do you think?

(And for those of you still waiting on the CD, that's going to have to wait a while longer, because while I have both of them recorded beautifully now, I can't afford to duplicate and package them at the moment. Probably at the end of the summer, when I get the second half of my BW payment. So they might make nice Christmas gifts. :-)

Anyway, just tying up loose ends. I should go back to work, or my book, or something. I'll talk to y'all later...

3:00 - This is just a quick note to point you at an article that my friend David T. showed me. This is why I sometimes feel under siege, living here.

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