Well, I woke up very…

Well, I woke up very cranky, after sleeping poorly, but I read journals and drank tea and did my grading and sent some SH mail, and I feel a lot better now. Work is good for the soul, as is tea.

I got into an odd state last night; I'd been working hard all day, finished two-thirds of the history book, did the cookbook proposal (which I'll revise tonight and send out tomorrow), got through some of my mail, did all my mending while watching tv, just in go-mode all day, y'know? And then there came a point where I was too tired and scatter-brained to do any more useful work, but too frenetic to just sit and rest. Especially 'cause we'd moved from new sitcoms to reruns. I was driving Karina nuts, I think, bouncing around the living room, complaining about being frustrated, and bored, and... Finally, around 10-ish, I climbed into bed, called Jed, and talked to him for an hour or two. Somewhere in there, my brain slowed down, and I was able to fall asleep. Although I suspect it was still humming quietly even then, which is why I slept poorly and kept waking up. I have this tendency to sleep resting my head on my arm, which never used to bother me, but now makes my arm hurt. A lot. I don't know if it's that my futon has gotten harder, or my head has gotten heavier or my arms have gotten more fragile. Whatever the reason, from about 5 to 7 this morning I was flopping around in bed, trying to make my arm stop hurting. Annoying.

But I'm not going to get crotchety again, especially not when I've worked through my bad mood. Karina seems to have trouble sleeping almost every night, and Jed and Kevin have both had a fair bit of trouble sleeping too. I don't know how they stand it, I really don't.

Plan for today: teach, catchup on writing for Kathryn's class, eat lunch, go to class, come home early (two classes cancelled today), do research for UHGCC keynote speaker, write Sticks review for Chris (due), sum up Potlatch discussions, revise cookbook proposal. Definitely a working evening, but should be feasible, assuming I don't collapse into a pathetic little heap. Some of this *can* happen tomorrow morning if necessary, but it would really be better if it happens today. Finish Chatterjee book somewhere in there too.

I'm trying hard to get as much as I can done before I leave town; I know I'll have more fun at the convention if I'm not fretting about everything hanging over my head at home. We'll see how it goes.

Okie -- shower, dress, and with fifteen extra minutes, maybe I can squeeze in that cookbook proposal revision before I leave for campus. :-)

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