Hey, guys. I’m in a…

Hey, guys. I'm in a particularly tight crunch time right now, so while I would love to chatter at you at length, I just can't. Brief updates:

  • nice dinner with Paul and Marcia on Friday night, followed by card-playing; menu: saffron potato omelettes, balsamic-cranberry onions, capellini timbales with sun-dried tomatoes and leek, cranberry-apple spring salad

  • stayed up very late talking with Karina - 'til 5 a.m. or so

  • Kevin woke me up at 10:30 calling to tell me that his phone was out (called on cell phone); also noted that he may be getting a job offer from a school in Chicago -- exciting and pleasing news (I would much rather he were in Chicago than in Tennessee, which was another possibility)

  • rather groggily got through the day; worked some, played Scrabble with Karina (exact tie!), watched Chutney Popcorn, which I recommend unto you, especially if you like indie dyke films like Go Fish

  • working like a fiend today; placing orders for SH t-shirts, paying bills, reading Irigaray, running errands, writing student recs, finalizing fellowship application

  • SH updated, with a really excellent article on the medieval agricultural year by Rachel Hartman, comic book artist extroadinaire, a charming short story, and a review by Jed Hartman (no relation) on the comic book series Finder
And that's all, folks!

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