Hey, munchkins. Feeling…

Hey, munchkins. Feeling a bit random today. I've been working since I got up, but on such scattered things that it doesn't quite feel like I've been working. I did manage to read two plays (Ariel Dorfman's "Death and the Maiden" and Bernard Pomerance's "The Elephant Man", both good), Henry James's short story, "The Pupil" (also good), and am now three chapters in to De Silva's A History of Sri Lanka. I'd be further in, but I'm taking copious notes as I go; this is the first general history of Sri Lanka that I've read -- it's all new to me, and it's going to be very useful grounding for my stories. So I'm trying not to rush it. I would post some of my notes here, but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't make much sense to you. I don't know if any of you are interested in Sri Lankan history anyway. I didn't actually think I was -- I decided to do this reading course out of a sense of duty, feeling that I needed the grounding to do a good job with my fiction. But oddly enough, so far I'm actually enjoying the reading. We'll see if that continues over the course of the semester.

I've got about forty pages 'til the end of this section of the book. The plan is to do that, and then decide what I want to do next. Now that my CD-ROM drive is working again, I'm very tempted by Heroes of Might and Magic III -- but I also have SH contracts to send out, and a syllabus to prep. Those can both be done tomorrow morning, though. Life is full of hard choices. :-)

Kinda sleepy, kinda unmotivated, but generally content. Not bad for a Sunday afternoon.

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