Hey, munchkins. Did you…

Hey, munchkins. Did you have a good holiday? Mine has been pretty decent so far. Extra-brief rundown:

  • Wed: Arrived at parents', mellow evening with relatives, helped my mom cut up so many carrots that I got a blister on my finger -- ouch! My sister and I went clothes-shopping (at 9 p.m. :-) for stellar pre-T-giving sales; I got a lovely long purple velvety dress for $20 -- woohoo!

  • Thurs: Lots of relatives, fun with little cousins (not so little anymore), setting up table with apple candles, cloved oranges, and a bowl of floating candles and cut flowers (amazingly, my dad's mums are still blooming outside, despite snow and freezing weather), spreading tables with both American Thanksgiving food (turkey and all the trimmings) and Sri Lankan party food (fancy fried rice and about ten other dishes). Astonishingly, this is actually cutting back and taking it easy for my family. We're still eating leftovers.

  • Fri: David came and picked me up; went to his sister's place and met nieces, then to his parents' place for dinner. Nice, though on the quiet side. Played Scrabble and he stomped me once again, though I did have something of a comeback in the last third of the game. He dropped me at Alex's, and hung out for a bit chatting with Alex, Yuko (visiting from S.F.) and I. Once he left, I think we talked 'til midnight.

  • Sat: Slept in...mmmm....then went for brunch at Tea and Sympathy. Absolutely delectable scones (want their recipe!) with clotted cream and jam; highly recommended. Also had sardines on toast with a side of grilled tomatoes -- really felt like I was back in Britain. It's been something like seven years; I miss it. Good tea. Afterwards Alex took us to a musical -- we saw Dirty Blonde, about Mae West. Clever and fun and sweet; really made me want to go rent Mae West movies. In the late afternoon, played poker and drank more tea; I started with a hundred chips (in go stones, actually) and ended with a hundred and ten, which after two hours of playing in a game with Alex is quite an accomplishment (though, of course, that money actually came from Yuko, who hadn't played before). Evening, met Shmuel for kosher pizza, good conversation, and then dragged him back to Alex's for more conversation. On the way, stopped at Warner Brothers Studio Store and bought Gryffindor t-shirt!!! Shmuel got a Slytherin one. Was ridiculously pleased despite caving in to consumerism in the most awful way. Am wearing it now with my pyjamas. Stayed up talking past midnight.

  • Sun: Train to Mamaroneck, met by David, gave me a ride up to CT. Very sweet of him, especially considering that I dozed most of the way. On the train, had a sf story idea, oddly enough. Got to parents', ate lunch with little sister who then went off to bus stop to go back to college. Went upstairs, avoided computer for about an hour (dozing some more), and then wrote furiously from about 2 -- 5:30. Finished first draft of "Savariian and the Aliens". Sent it out. Waited eagerly for responses from loyal readers. Received none in the first three hours of waiting. Attempted to stave off post-story depression by re-reading first Harry Potter (good) and journal-entry-writing (not quite as effective).

And that's all she wrote! I did do an entry on the plane Wednesday, but it's on my Visor, and I don't get back to my Hotsync cradle until tomorrow. I suspect there's some other easy way to get the info onto my computer, but I don't know how, so you're just going to have to wait. Will link to it when it goes up.

Okay, it's not all she wrote. She's writing more. See? Probably 'cause she's not quite sure what she's going to do once she stops writing. 8:30 is too early to go sleep, but if she goes downstairs, she might have to talk to her parents without either sister (or other relatives) acting as buffer. Oh, the horror.

Hmm...is kind of interesting that I felt the urge to write a sf story. I wonder if it's because I was reading a Star Trek novel (not one of the better ones) a few days ago. I think maybe I'm heavily influenced by what I read, so that when I'm reading a lot of smut, I start wanting to write smut, and ditto with immigrant stories, sf/f, or general mainstream lit. I'm a literary chameleon -- which is okay, I think. If I like reading in all those genres, there really isn't a good reason for me not to write in all of them, right? The only genre not well-represented in my writing is probably kids' lit, which I do love but am scared to attempt for fear of doing it poorly. I had an idea for a kids' novel a while ago, but it seems to have drifted off into the aether for the moment.

Oops -- hear a relative downstairs. Must go chat. Talk to y'all from Salt Lake tomorrow!

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