I woke up crotchety…

I woke up crotchety again today. What is with me? Nuisance. I've never been one of those people who needs an hour of low-pressure caffeine-drinking time to wake up, but I'm afraid I've become one this week. It's very irritating; I miss bouncing out of bed bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. This is slow.

I think part of not wanting to get up this morning was not wanting to wake up from my dream. I had powers in that dream. Not the power to fly, but the power to stop myself from falling. At the beginning of the dream, someone was telling me that I had graduated with honors...and now it was time for the graduate program. And this very nice little old lady came out, led me to the edge of a cliff (along with a totally sexy young man who was in the same program (but who was apparently my brother, dangit)) and said, "Jump. Stop yourself a few feet off the ground." And I jumped, and I stopped, as requested. Then there were more and more and more tests. I passed them all, but some felt very real and scary (like the one where she led us to an elevator, said she'd meet us downstairs, and then as the elevator started going down, I knew it was going to fall, that it was another trap, and it did, and the hardest part wasn't the period of free fall, it was trying to open my eyes and look at my brother, which seemed important to do, even though the little old lady hadn't said anything about it. That was almost impossible). The dream was scary, and intense, and emotional -- and I didn't want to wake up.

There is no need to point out to me the parallels between the dream and my current situation. The dreams that I remember tend to be painfully obvious to interpretation. I miss having a brother now.

Stil, it's an hour after I hauled my ass out of bed, and I feel somewhat better. Drinking tea, and in a few minutes I'll have to go shower and dress and go to class. More draft workshops today, which means that I can catch up on the quiz-grading I meant to do last night. I actually read a silly book instead, Practical Demon-Keeping (amusing, but not quite worth the effort), that Kerry lent me, and then talked to Jed for too long. Not that I'm complaining. :-) But I am a little short on sleep this morning; perhaps I'll nap on the plane.

After classes I go to the airport; I'll be in Chicago by 6, and will go to see Roshani and Tom and Zoe(!); Kevin will come meet me there when he finishes a talk and we'll get some dinner. One night in Chicago, then at lunchtime tomorrow I get on a plane again and head to Connecticut. I should be able to keep logging on, but perhaps more briefly; it's long-distance dial-up from my folks' place. So if by chance I don't talk to you again, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Rest up. Think good thoughts. I'm thankful for you all.

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