Groggy. Cranky. No…

Groggy. Cranky. No good reason. Maybe 'cause it's cold and snowy out and I want to stay in. Maybe 'cause I woke up thinking about bills. Maybe 'cause most of the e-mail in my box has been cold and impersonal and not actually directed at me for at least 24 hours (not that I'd have time to reply to other e-mail; it just makes me sad). Maybe 'cause I just read Jen's recent essay and I know how she feels and I'll see Kevin on Tuesday -- not that he's likely to care, but I'll see my mom on Wednesday, and she will. I don't have the time/energy to try to lose ten pounds by Wednesday. Not doing as much work as I am, not unless I want to fall over and hit my poor head when the exhaustion catches up with me.

This is the big whiny entry, apparently. I should be in a better mood. I did get e-mail that AE is going to be mentiond on within a week, which I imagine will be very good for it. I had a good planning meeting last night for this grad student conference we're throwing next fall, and while I took on a few projects (food/website), neither of them are urgent or likely to be that much trouble. (They're not particularly glorious either, but that's okay). I did a revision of "Sister Mary" yesterday and sent it out; hopefully I'll get some good comments back and be able to revise it finally when I get back from T-giving. People are enthusiastic about Sunday's pre-T-giving thing, which should be pleasant, and I have a new recipe for turkey to try out. Teaching is nothing today, since it's a draft workshop -- they just read and critique each other's work. I can bring a book. I had a nice long conversation with Jedediah last night. Everything's good. What's wrong with me?

I would suspect it was getting up on the wrong side of the bed, but I *always* get up on the same side because there's a bookcase on the other side.

I'm just a goon.

I'm going to go make some tea and shower and dress and maybe that'll make me feel civilized. It's a feeble hope, I know, but some mornings, you take what you can get.

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