Kay is done. Woohoo! …

Kay is done. Woohoo! Go check out the new issue of SH; you can see what I've been obsessing over all week. Last week too. I'm glad to have it up; also there's a really cool new story up, "Special Edition". It's a magic VCR story. :-)

The erotica class is also done; crits finished, students patted on the head and sent away to the EROS workshop. I think I taught them some worthwhile things, but I'd definitely do it differently if I did it again. We'll see what the spring holds.

I am slowly whittling down my list of things to do, and with the semester ending, I'm trying not to actually start new tasks until classes are over 12/8. Today I have a whole slew of papers to grade (yes, those same papers from two weeks ago; why do you ask?), and I'm hoping to actually do the revisions on "A Gentle Man" and "Sister Mary" (killing four birds with two stones, because I need to revise those for my end of semester portfolio *and* I'd like to send them out to magazines. I meant to send "A Gentle Man" to Glimmer Train, but that'll have to wait 'til January, when they're reading again. I think it'll go to Story instead.) And I have to read and crit a story for workshop tonight -- they're also going to be critting "The Emigrant", meep. And I need to bring something to eat. Can't decide what. Not sure I want to bother going to grocery store. Hmm...I wonder if the mall sells any food suitable for class. Candy? Pretzels?

Lessee; if I can get Jed up and dressed by 9, we can be settled at Borders by 9:30; we can work eight hours there, then come home by 6; I can then repack bags and go off to campus. Yeah, that'll work. I'm sure he's having a very exciting visit, being dragged to cafes to work. :-) It's been so lovely having him here. He leaves for the airport tonight, and I won't see him again 'til after New Year's. Sorrow. (Though I think I'm going to be too busy to mope much).

Okay, time to make tea. If I'm very very good, I can possibly revise a story or two *before* Jed wakes up. Dubious, though.

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