Happy belated birthday…

Happy belated birthday to Jen -- it was yesterday, and I should have remembered. Go say hi! :-)

I forgot to turn the heat down when I went to bed last night, which, as usual, ended in me sleeping strangely and feeling groggy today. But is okay; a little tea will wake me up, and I have to say, it's nice there actually being light outside at 7 a.m. Hooray for daylight savings.

Yesterday evening was kind of annoying. I got back from grocery shopping, made dinner (was tired, so skipped vegetable and skipped adding meat too; luckily had found a jar of premade sauce with mini-meatballs which wasn't too bad when I dumped in some crushed red pepper and oregano), read some more of Sex and Single Girls, and then turned on the tv at 8 for Voyager. No Voyager! Some weirdo basketball thing instead. I mostly ignored it for a while, puttering around the apartment, cleaning dining table, doing dishes...and forty-five minutes went by. No Voyager! So I actually listened to what was going on, and it turned out to be a pre-game show for a game that was about to start, in L.A., between the Utah Jazz and the L.A. Lakers. It was starting to look like the stupid thing would be on all night! What about my Voyager?

So I called Bryan. He's one of the mathematicians from Chicago and a big sports dude; I also needed to talk to his wife, Elissa, one of my old roommates who's coming to visit in early December. Bryan was not so helpful -- he couldn't tell me for certain whether Voyager would ever come on, or if I'd have to wait 'til next week. But I did coax him into writing a fun math column for Strange Horizons (I used to love those Martin Gardner columns in the print magazines), so the call was productive. And I talked to Elissa. When I finished up with them, I puttered around some more, with the tv still on but the sound turned to mute -- Bryan had held out hope that maybe UPN just had the pre-game so that at 9 Voyager might come on. But no such luck. :-( At 9:05, I turned off the tv.

Did some e-mail work, puttered some more, but I really didn't have the brains left to get anything useful done, and it was too close to bedtime to start a book. I was firmly committed to going to bed at 10, in the attempt to try to not get sicker. So at 9:30 I called Kevin, 1) to tell him how clever I'd been to coax Bryan into doing a math column and 2) to see if he had any thoughts on the Voyager/basketball debacle. He was not nearly as impressed as he should have been about coaxing Bryan (and gently pointed out that I could have asked him, oops, although he agreed that Bryan would probably do a better job). But he did remind me that Voyager would be on again on Sunday evening, so all was not lost. And then I somehow ended up turning on the tv again, muting the sound, and talking with him about the game until 10. When did he learn so much about sports? The guy I started dating back in 1992 didn't know anything about sports. I'm not going to say I want that guy back (he caused me such problems! :-), but I have to say that this guy is a little disconcerting sometimes. Anyway -- it was kind of fun. And that was my evening.

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