Hey, munchkins. Before…

Hey, munchkins. Before I start babbling, here's a request from Karina for help. I suspect some of you may have some suggestions for her -- if you do, please send her mail:

"I'm working on an essay on philosophy and science fiction. I'm probably going to be concentrating on twin-maker related issues (ie the questions that arise out of the use of technology that creates an exact copy of a person). I'm especially interested in exploring love/relationship issues that the use of such technology might raise.

Does anyone know any books (or movies, etc, I suppose) that explore these issues? I've already read _The Resurrected Man_ but I'm having trouble finding any books that deal with the relationship aspect in any depth.

I'm also interested in any other philosophically interested sf, especially stuff that explores (in a particularly science-fictiony way) philosophical issues relating to love, relationships and sexuality (but not so much the gender side of it as the sex part). Not having so much luck with the love/science fiction/philosophy intersection so far, so any help would be greatly appreciated!" - Karina.

She's a philosophy Ph.D. student now (she upgraded her MA degree), so I'm sure she'll do a good job with whatever you sent her. I pointed her to Varley's Ophiuchi Hotline for the twin/cloning issues, but I wasn't sure where else to send her. Suggestions much appreciated.

Back to me, now. Had a nice brunch yesterday, then worked in the afternoon and talked to Jed, then Jenn came over and we watched The Jewel in the Crown -- they really did a very nice job of fitting a huge book into a 2.5 hr movie; I recommend it. Was very tired at the end of the day; reviewed some of my post-co theory with Jed and then crashed hard. Slept 'til almost ten this morning.

I seem to be getting sick again. It seems that everytime I work hard and start to get caught up, I get sick, and then fall behind. Irritating.

Still, today is going pleasantly. I'm actually reading ahead a little for class; Hanif Kureishi's The Buddah of Suburbia, which is a sharp and enjoyable book so far. Paul is stopping by in a bit; I'm going to review web stuff with him because he has to teach it on Tuesday, and he really doesn't know how to build a web page. I'd best go throw on some clothes before he arrives. After we're done, I'll go back to reading and cleaning; the kitchen's still not quite recovered from brunch, and I'd really like to get my damn closet cleaned. That's been on my list for weeks. At 5, I'm logging into Holomuck to meet Chris; we're going to try to write a review of Kay's latest. This would be easier if I owned all of the earlier ones; I have at one point or another, but I keep loaning them out and they keep not coming back. :-( Oh well.

Talk to you later!

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