See, I knew there were…

See, I knew there were things I forgot to update you about. And it's not because I'm low on memory, 'cause Jed kindly bought me some new memory for my birthday, which I desperately needed, and finally installed (all on my ownsome -- I am a technobabe!) in my Powerbook this weekend (with Kevin supervising, just in case), so now Netscape takes four times as long to crash as it used to. (I also had to have Kevin tell me how to record Voyager on my VCR last night, which might call into question my technobabe-ness, but that's different. Really, it is.)

One major thing I forgot to say is that the erotica writing course started Monday, and it's going swimmingly. :-) Good students, great discussion -- I'm actually really enjoying it, *and* I feel like I know what I'm doing, which is rather a nice change for a new course. Usually it takes 'til the second time through to feel that way, but y'know what? I actually am an expert in this field. Weird, huh? Anyway, if any of you are sluggards who meant to register but didn't, I can probably sneak you in. Go to their website and try to register. There's an archive of what's gone on so far, so you won't really miss anything.

I'll probably check back in later today; just wanted to fill in what I'd missed. Might not, though -- nothing much happened yesterday; just resting, reading, meeting with students, watching the season premiere of Voyager, talking to Kev until I fell asleep. Still sick, but a little better I think today.

11:30. Slow morning. I responded to some discussion in the erotica class, put away some groceries left over from yesterday's shopping trip. I think I'm going to continue to take the day easy; the plan is to finish that Orientalism book, come hell or high water (only about a hundred pages left), do dishes, and make a nice Sri Lankan prawn curry. I'm cooking it tonight so that I can eat a little bit for dinner, and so that the rest will taste even better tomorrow, when I'm having Paul and Marcia and Jenn and Dave and Prakash over for dinner. The menu is:

  • Sri Lankan prawn curry
  • Thai-fried green beans
  • Sri Lankan egg curry
  • something with potatoes :-)
  • Sri Lankan coconut sambol
  • Indian mango chutney
  • basmati rice with fruit and nuts
  • fresh fruit
Simple, but good, I think. Jenn won't be able to eat the egg curry (allergic to eggs *and* tomatoes, poor girl), but I think there will be enough other food for her. I'd like to start cooking now, but reading first. Then cooking.

(I would never have had even this much discipline five years ago. What happened?)

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