Well, the rest of the…

Well, the rest of the trip was lovely; yesterday was not.

We spent Friday evening just chatting in front of the fire; very satisfying. Saturday we drove to Bryce Canyon (elevation 8500 ft) and hiked the spectacular Navaho Trail-Queen's Garden Loop, about 3 hours, almost a thousand feet down and a thousand feet back up. Drove back to Salt Lake, had dinner with Paul and Marcia, watched some of _The Return of the King_ because Alex had been quoting from Tolkien all through the trip (and I admit to chanting a bit of "Where there's a whip, there's a way..." on the last leg of the hike), fell asleep. Alex left early Sunday morning, I worked steadily through the morning until around 2, at which point I got miserably ill and stayed so until around 11 at night.

As far as I can tell from symptoms and pattern of incidence, it's altitude sickness. What a nuisance!

I seem to be fine now, if a bit weak (unsurprising, since I essentially had no food yesterday). I'm going to be daring and try some food this morning and see what happens. Though I may work for a while first, just in case. I have a lot to get done!

Two notes before I go -- the second issue of Strange Horizons is up, tell your friends. :-) I really like the short fiction story we have this week. And on a totally different note, I'm teaching an online course in erotica writing this fall, six weeks, $95 -- if you're interested, stop by this site for details.

That's all, folks. Talk to ya later...

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