Well, there’s good news…

Well, there's good news and bad news. The good news is that AE is currently at an astonishing sales rank of 143. The bad news is that we finally have a customer rating -- of one star. :-( The good news is that the customer isn't complaining about the content -- their problem is that they say the waterproofing makes the book too heavy to read easily, and that the print is small enough to be hard on the eyes. The bad news is that no one has written in to contradict this person, or at least to rate us highly based on the actual stories. Which I hope you like. Meep.

Okay, I'm going to stop obssessing about this book. Really. I'm going to stop checking the Amazon page hourly, my heart soaring with the rank gets better, and dropping like a stone when it gets worse. I'm actually going to pack all my stuff up and go to Borders today and be away from the net connection for at least four hours. I'm going to write that stuff for Puritan, that will actually bring in some money (I've already been paid a flat fee for AE -- I couldn't get them to give me royalties; of course, the publicity if it does well is still excellent for me, Clean Sheets, etc.). I'm going to wear a pretty dress and sit in a cafe sipping tea and looking at the lovely temple. I'm not going to do compulsive Alta Vista and Deja News searches for Aqua Erotica (which basically turn up nothing useful). I will be calm.

Ummm....surely I can think about something else? Maybe I better have some tea first. Something might come up.

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